...not so fast...


O.K. so, some of the old pages are back here, but where in the heck is the content? Yeah, I know. Lots of bad links and totally nonfunctioning forum and classifieds. Hmmm, this is gonna take some doing. It's kinda like fixing up an old house... All I ask is for a little patience. Keep coming back. I promise things'll get better soon!


...and... we're back!


Hey everyone! (anyone?) Yes, it's true! It only took four years and a whole lotta livin', but I finally got back to getting my labour of love back where it belongs- in front of you. I still hope to make great things happen here and I hope you all come and stay for awhile. Remember, the idea here is to build a worldwide community for lefty players where we can discuss, buy, and sell our gear without worry that it will end up sitting on consignment somewhere hoping for a southpaw in need. Anyway, thanks for stopping by for an all new, yet entirely familiar LG.com. For those of you who remember this site from the ol' days, I hope we can all get re-aquainted, and for those of you who are new to our community, welcome aboard! Stick around. This is gonna get good...


Tony Nuccio, Webmaster